John 18:1-18

Judas had been with Jesus for about 3 years, watching, learning and believing like all the other disciples. Hard to imagine what he was thinking…

I told u that I am he, if u r looking for me, then let these men go. Even at the time when soldiers came to arrest Jesus, he protected his disciples by asking the soldiers to let them go.

Amidst the panic and disturbing situation in the garden with Peter cutting the ear and with the arrest of Jesus, Jesus was very clear on his calling and his purpose of his life. How do we react on panic/disturbing situations in our life?

A quick transition from High Priest to IAM to Passover Lamb, Jesus just finished offering the High Priestly prayer in the last chapter, here responds by saying I AM v5 and He is being ‘tied up’ v12 as some one would take away the Passover Lamb for slaughter. It breaks your heart thinking about it.

9 …”Of those whom You gave Me I have lost none.” – sometime back I heard a news about ‘1st generation converts, converting back’. Prayer groups in India were praying for this to stop.
– I was wondering, how could anyone go back after tasting the real one?
– Jesus says ‘ I have not lost anyone!’.
– Rather than a weak big crowd, strong small team will win the battle.
– let us not turn back to look at the ones who show their back to Jesus but march forward, gain strength and grow as a strong team!

If we are hearing about this story the first time and don’t know how it ended or why it all happened.. then our reaction at this part of the story would be anger at the betrayal, frustration at the unfairness, fear of what might come next and sadness, anxiety etc. …. or other similar negative feelings. However, we know it all turned out.. the joyous ending! The price paid for our salvation and the good news of resurrection!!
While it is hard/saddening for us to imagine or visualize the events of those days, His suffering, physical and emotional pain.. the true emotion that story should elicit from us is not sadness.. but gratitude & love.. for what He had done for us. Regret and remorse that our sins required Him to sacrifice himself to save us. Happiness …. that He found us to be worthy of such sacrifice. Resolve .. that we would not, by out actions/sins ever crucify him again and JOY .. that He arose again!!

(V4) Jesus willingly came forward to get arrested, he was not afraid. We need to have that kind of willingness to do the work of God. (V8) Jesus said to the soldiers “let these men go” and he gave himself to be arrested, in the same way, he gave himself as a sacrifice for us and let us free.
Jesus asked the soldiers to let his disciples go, this shows how much he loves his disciples.
Jesus asked Peter to put his sword away, because he loves even his enemies who were there to arrest him.

1. Personality of Judas
-“…he was a thief; as keeper of the money back, he used to help himself to what was put into it (John 12:6). “What are you willing to give me if I deliver Him (Jesus) over to you?” (Matthew 26:15). Money overpowered Judas so he betrayed Jesus.
2. Personality of Peter
-Peter said to Jesus “Lord, I will lay down my life for you” (John 13:37). “Aren’t you one of Jesus’ disciples too, are you?”, Peter replied “I am not.” (v18:17). Fear overpowered Peter so he denied Jesus.
3. Personality of Jesus
-When Jesus said “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground (v6). The majesty of Jesus overpowered them! He had that ability and authority, but still He wanted to obey and fulfill Father’s will, “Shall I not drink the cup (cup of judgement) the Father has given me?” (v11).
What is our Personality Like? Time to self-examine!

Let us assume that we are in Peter’s situation, what will we do? Will we step forward and tell the world that we are His disciples or will we betray Jesus like what Peter did.
Being Christians we’ll be put to the test in so many scenarios, but do we succeed those or do we fail to show our faith in Him? We should pray that He must give us His strength to succeed every trials and temptations.

Peter denies saying ” I am NOT” his disciple (v17). Here is the greatest proof for a Christian witness. The NT bible records the failure of its followers. Clearly Peter knew this document was being circulated and did not try to sanitize his failure. He is the ultimate disciple.Christianity a kingdom where every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.

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