John 19:28-42

Here we are at the greatest moment in human history and the soldiers are splitting and casting lots over his garments! We too can be focussed on trivial things in our personal and church life when God has a much greater plan for us.

In the previous passage, Pilate yielded to the chief priests’ request by handing Jesus over to them to be crucified. Here, Pilate said “no” to the chief priests’ request: “what I have written I have written” (v. 22). Pilate makes sure that he still has got the power over the Jews. We don’t have to prove that we’ve got the power by lording over people. People will find out that we’ve got the power because of our love for them.

Jesus had His own brothers but He chose John, which is little strange. – during the wedding in Gana, He asked His mother ஸ்திரீயே, எனக்கும் உனக்கும் என்ன?
– when His deciple told about His family members were waiting to meet Him, He didn’t give any special treatment for them. But now, His tone is slightly different.
– we will be meditating these words during Good Friday, hence I do not want to write more about the my understanding now😄

1. Care
-Even in the last few minutes of His earthly life, Jesus cares for His mother and handed her over to the disciple whom He loved, and creates a new son and mother relationship! “Here is your son”, “Here is your mother” (vv 26, 27). He reminds us to take care of our parents who gave us birth into this world.
2. Cross
-Take up your cross and follow me, whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find the eternal life (Matthew 16:24-25). Jesus took His cross and lose His life for Father, to live with His Father forever! (v17).
3. Crown
-Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross. It read: JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS (v19). When the chief priests protected, Pilate told “What I have written, I have written” (v22). God will crown us too if we do his will!

It is horrific for children to die before their parents life. But in this fallen world some have had to face that. Jesus understands it perfectly.Jesus cares. Mary his mother is having a strange life. Although she is blessed among ( not above Lk 1:42) women, nothing in her life is going a normal way. In the miDdle of the agony takes Jesus takes care of her.
I sometimes Imagine many parents thinking the same words from their son/daughter whom they have had to lose in misery. Comfort from our children in their agony is heart-wrenching but a bitter bliss.

Very few can stand still. Of course we faint

In this passage we should see one of Jesus’ sayings on the cross. He tells his favorite disciple to take care of his mother.

Jesus tells John to take care of his mother. We should listen and do what Jesus tells us to do.

The Lamb of God carries His cross and goes willingly to be sacrificed for the sins of the whole world. We see God’s plan unfolding perfectly with each specific detail being fulfilled according to the scripture.

When I look at the cross and the sacrifice he made for us, I can understand the greatest love he has for his people. As in John 10:11, he laid his life for the sheep, he is the only good shepherd.

His disciples fled, the soldiers mocked, his friends forsake him but Mary stood. A new relationship is established. A woman gets the status of mother. A disciple gets the status of son. Under the cross, God is creating a new family.God’s word is creating the family.
V27) His home becomes her home.
A new home is also created.
Similarly we have an adoption between God and us through Jesus Christ. God is father and we are his sons. This relationship is given to us. We cannot achieve this but only receive.

Jesus on the cross, bleeding from the forehand, hand and feet and in pain that cannot be expressed in words, amidst all of this pain HE is not focussing on himself but looking out for his mother and his disciples. What an example here for us to follow…

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