John 20:1-10

Peter and John came running to the tomb with urgency. They confirmed Mary’s claim that “they” had taken his body and went back to their homes (v 10). But somewhere in between John saw and believed (v 8). You don’t have to understand everything to believe.

Peter and John went back to their place. Mary waited longer and found Jesus.

One of the disciples believed in what he saw but the others did not understand.

Folded up in a place by itself ( v. 7).It is as if Jesus got up, changed cloths and folded his cloths. Kept his linen and face cloth separated. His Manner of resurrection makes tomb – a neat and tidy place. Probably death itself is a good night sleep in a albeit cramped hotel room

Women are strong not in one thing, but many :). As they Loved HIM so much which made them to see HIM at any cost, then getting up early breaking their sound sleep was not an excuse for them, going in darkness was not an excuse for them, going alone without men’s help was not an excuse for them and, going to tomb as a women was not an excuse for them. If we REALLY Love him nothing will be an excuse in doing his WILL.

Peter and John came running to the tomb, yet John didn’t even go inside, may be he was afraid and Peter went inside and then John also went inside and then believed that Jesus’s body was not there, that’s all. They didn’t even care that Jesus’ body was stolen and they went back to their place. None of the Jesus’ teachings made sense to them even now. Only the resurrection of Jesus made them believe Him and do anything for Him. At least Mary was sad that Jesus’ body was not there and stood there crying. Peter and John didn’t even do that at this point.

“The one whom Jesus loved” V2 John the disciple had a strong conviction that he was loved by Jesus. No matter what the situation is we should have the same confidence as John that we are loved by the creator and savior.😀😀

Peter and the other disciple (probably John) showed no interest either in reflecting on the scripture that promises Jesus’ resurrection or in worrying about Jesus’ missing dead body.

9 For as yet they did not know the Scripture , that He must rise again from the dead. – They have seen, heard His voice, touched, ate together, walked with Him, stayed with Him. But it isn’t time yet for them to understand what Jesus said.
– we also could be in the same status. We could have read, heard many testimonies and seen miracles happening but we could still not have experienced yet.
– stay on in the right path and wait like Zacchaeus. Be sure to get revealed by Him!

“for as yet they did not understand the scripture…” Simon Peter and the other disciples still didn’t understand what Jesus told them. Jesus said he will tear down and rebuild the temple in three days.
We should understand what Jesus is trying to say.

The disciple who Jesus loved outran Peter and looked inside the empty tomb. It’s almost like he knew this would happen. Because he saw and believed.

John outran Peter and reached the tomb first, but Peter was the first to enter the tomb, I see the boldness of Peter here. (This same Peter denied Jesus because of his fear)

1. Remain in Him
-Mary Magdalene was one of the three women stood near the cross of Jesus when He was put on the cross (John 19:25). Early on the day, while it was still dark, She was the first one to go to the tomb. She had a great faith on Him and she remained in His faith, because Jesus had driven out seven demons from her. Do not forget, and be thankful for the things that God has done in your life!
2. Remains of Him
-The dead man (Lazarus) came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and cloth around his face. Jesus said to disciples “Take off the grave clothes and let him go” (John 11:44). The same manner, the remains of Jesus (the linen and the cloth wrapped around His head) were lying over there. I think the reason for Jesus letting his disciples to take off Lazarus’ clothes is that when they see the same thing in the tomb the disciples can understand Jesus is risen. But, they did not understand!
3. Risen!
-Jesus is Risen! He has conquered sin and death, and He will live forevermore! Happy Easter!!!

It was still dark when Mary Magdalene came looking for Jesus, I am sure she might have had a restless sleep that night, her passion to look for Jesus might have woke her up early that first day of the week. I wish I/we all have that passion..

Mary Magdalene considered Jesus as her own relative, more than just a disciple. She reacted as if her own brother body was missing from the tomb. This shows how much she values Jesus. I sometimes question myself whether I have such a relationship with my Saviour? I pray to Him to give me the strength to take everything to the Lord in prayers.

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