John 21:15-25

True followers ought to love him more than anything else. True followers ought to serve him.

1. Follow Him
-Jesus said “Follow me!” (v19). Let’s Follow His word, Follow His foot steps, Follow the way He lived the life, Follow His new covenant.
2. Feed His lambs
-Jesus said “Feed my lambs” (v15). There are still plenty of people who haven’t heard God’s word yet or still hungry for His word. Let’s feed them with Word of God, bring them into God’s sheep pen, engage in His great commission!
3. Fellowship in His Kingdom
-Let’s live a holy life, Godly life. So, we can have eternal life, have fellowship with God in His Kingdom, see His glory (John 17:24), and be in His glory! Amen!
Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Jesus loved John and he knew that and was confident about that fact. He boldly testifies to these things to the whole world.

Jesus wants to know if we really love him and if we trust him.

Believe in Jesus and love God are two things that stood out in this book. Kind of an anticlimax that John doesn’t talk about believe in his conclusion

Jesus expected true Love from his disciples. On this Easter we are called to love our God who sacrificed his life for us.

17 … Jesus said to him , “Feed My sheep. – We can criticize and call Peter with different names, but he was chosen by Jesus to lead His ministry.
மேலும், நான் உனக்குச் சொல்லுகிறேன், நீ பேதுருவாய் இருக்கிறாய், இந்தக் கல்லின்மேல் என் சபையைக் கட்டுவேன், பாதாளத்தின் வாசல்கள் அதை மேற்கொள்வதில்லை. மத்தேயு 16 :18
– We by nature, look at the weaknesses of persons to decide good or bad but God seems to see one’s strengths, ignoring weaknesses.

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