Romans 7

We have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit (v 6)

V.22 “delight in the law”. If you are a sinner you disobey the law. The equal and opposite error is those who obey the law for salvation. No difference Paul is saying. Here is a Christian, he neither obeys or disobeys but delights in the law of God. He knows there are good (16), spiritual (14), holy (12) , promises life (11) but they cannot save. Law of God is like a mirror (beautiful, shiny) it shows the ugliness of human soul but cannot fix it. That work is for Jesus. Look at v.25 and see who gets the thanks. It is God through Christ our Lord. neither human flesh nor law nor sin will have the final word.
They have inside them what I call the “gigantic joy of Christianity.

Paul is talking about his early stage of Christian life where he know what is right (which God likes) and try to do by his own & flesh. Let’s see he got the answer on 8

Paul was honest in confessing his ongoing struggle. “Wretched man that I am!” (v. 24). However, Paul was confident that he would be victorious. “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (v. 25).

Paul clearly states that it’s hard to live a holy life without Jesus.

Paul is going in roller coaster ride in Romans 7 and at the end my head is just started spinning around! But, I do understand one verse that..
-We are also died to the Law through the body of Christ, and now we belong to God who raised Him from dead, so we should bear fruit for God (v4). If we don’t bear fruit, we are slave to sin again!

I believe this chapter focuses on living a holy life in this world, we can try to lead a holy life by setting some rules and boundaries (avoid doing this&that) but we will always fail. We can only lead a pure life through HIM.

For me this is a tough chapter to understand😇but I understood some.
19 ஆதலால் நான் விரும்புகிற நன்மையைச் செய்யாமல், விரும்பாத தீமையையே செய்கிறேன்.
– I don’t think this is a testimony of Paul. He just explains how sin rules and guides a person towards death. His explanation is about the process and the root cause. I should not think Paul himself was not able do something good, so I am ok. I should be careful and take help of Jesus if I find bad symptoms in me.

(V4,5) We no longer bear the fruit for death but bear fruit to God as we died to the law through the body of Christ that we might belong to him.

The commandment against coveting helped Paul see that he was sinful (verses 7-8). I pray to God for similar means to help me realize whenever I am sinful.

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