Joshua 19

Joshua got his inheritance after all the tribes had been allocated their portions (v. 49).

As a great leader, Joshua distributed the land to the Israelites first and then he rebuilt his preferred town and settled in it. Though he had his own choice, he waited till the end. Also, he waited till the Israelites gave him as the Lord commanded them.

Joshua completed God’s assignment faithfully. Though he had his own preference, he waited till others received theirs.

Joshua waited patiently until everyone got their allotments. Also like the idea of lot allotment here..

The lands to the east of Jordan were divided for MGR by Moses.
-The lands in the west of Jordan were divided for JEM.BS.ZIAND by Joshua.
-Joshua got Timnath-Serah among his tribe “Ephraim”.
(First letter of each tribe is used for the above acronyms!)

I was imagining what will result if such distributions were done in India now. – 1000s of court cases on border disputes
– Fight between the 12
– Joshua killed in the fight😳
But in Joshua, we find very few claims and preferences in whole distribution.Everything went smooth. I don’t know how much time they took to complete this distribution ….few years?
Anyhow, at last, it is done now😄

Human sanctity When God created the universe in Genesis 1, he did not say WOW! he said Good. In other words, there is a moral tone to his creation. It is maximized to “very good” in case of humans.
The sacredness of life is elevated here when God asks J to build refuge cities so that when “unintentional” murder “without hate” occurs, the person can run into one of six cities (seems to be 3 on each side of Jordan). He had to remain there until congregation hears his case or the High Priest dies.
while we may mock at this arrangement, it stands as a pillar of example for ancient Israelites (or God’s in this case) for building a just society for refugees.

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