Joshua 22

Joshua appreciated the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh for keeping their words. He blessed them and sent them away. They had set up an altar with a good intent as a witness between two sides and between two generations. However, the Israelites having thought to themselves that they had set up an altar in rebellion against the Lord, gathered to make war against them out of their zeal for the Lord. This was Israelites first reaction. Later on, the Israelites sent delegates to find out the reason. The reason was acceptable to the delegates. The delegates reported the Israelites and the report pleased the Israelites. Instead of making war against them, they blessed God. The moral of this story: 1. “Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:20).
2. Never jump to a conclusion without clarifying.

என்னது…அதுக்குள்ள பங்காளி சண்டை ஆரம்பிச்சுடுச்சா…???!!!
-When Israelites heard the half-tribes of Manasseh, the Gadites and Reubenites built an altar by the Jordan, the whole assembly of Israel gathered at Shiloh to go to war against them!
-But, they said to Phinehas and team “we did not build this to rebel against Him. But, it is to be a witness between us and you, and the generations that follow so we can worship the same Lord!
-We need to be “proactive” rather than “reactive” in any matter. When Phinehas heard what they had to say, they were pleased (v30). When Phinehas reported this to Israelites they were glad and praised God (v33). I like Joshua’s leadership here for guiding them in the right way!

We are nearing the end of Joshua’s leadership and it is interesting that he still uses Moses’s name when he talks to the Israelites (vv. 2, 4, 5). I’m getting the impression that he is more of a behind the scenes leader. He works with Phinehas and the leaders of the tribes whenever he makes a decision.

Quick temper or passionate God worshippers?The fact Israelites are quick to take issue is a sign of health . Ask a modern person to experience God and so quickly it takes on a Canaanite flavor. Dripping with Canaanite sounding statements.
Israelites after Jericho and other happenings cannot be too careful to be trembling at unfaithfulness. To know what Yahweh is serious about – his unbending need to fulfill the law with every jot and tittle. No room for error lest they get wiped out. Remember Achan. One man errors and whole people suffer.
The Israelites were right to get stirred, right to take up the fight. “if the eastern tribes rebel today Yahweh “anger will be on all Israel” ( v18) ” not just on the easterners.
We need to recover this passionate piety. A vigilant set of people who watch our boundaries. Accountability among the church teachings in a friendly manner.
When was the last time you heard someone come to you and said “Hey we want to make sure you are worshiping the real God since we think God’s wrath could be upon all of us”. One church watching out for other.

Phinehas and Israel’s leaders pointed to the two and a half tribes how their sin can affect the whole nation. Do we have leaders who are bold enough to deal mistakes?

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