Mark 6

In Jesus’ own village, he was not able to do any mighty work because of their unbelief.

I thought the apostles started their ministry in Acts, but it clearly says here that they went in twos preaching repentance, driving out demons and healing the sick (v. 12). Nothing much is said about this ministry of the apostles. In Acts they go after they receive the power of the Holy Spirit, here they go with Jesus’ authority.

John the Baptist was beheaded for speaking the truth. John was bold enough to point out Herod’s sin. In today’s world, this is quite challenging. We don’t want to offend people. We want to speak the truth in love. I’m wondering whether it is possible to speak the truth in love!

Jesus appointed the twelve disciples that he might send them to (3:14,15):1) preach
2)have authority over demons
The purpose is executed in this chapter. (6:12,13) the disciples:
1) went out and preached for people to repent
2) drove out many demons.

(vv. 2,3) Many who heard His reaching were amazed. But, they are like “Isn’t this the carpenter? Where did these man get these things?”, they took offense at Him.
-(v. 6) Jesus was amazed at their “lack of faith”.
-Time to self-examine our faith. Do we have full faith in Jesus, in His teaching, in His Word, in His promise for eternal life? Or, are we like the people of Nazareth? We should definitely “not” be like the people of Nazareth!

Yes, we should not be like the people of Nazareth!

Even though Jesus was very busy doing Lords work in this earth, preaching, healing and driving spirits he spend time in prayer. “And after he had taken leave of them, he went up on the mountain to pray”. (v. 46) Sometimes we get so busy with God’s work and church activities, we don’t get time to pray.

This chapter clearly shows that Jesus doesn’t choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.The disciples faith was less or weak or even nil (chap 4:40) but Jesus qualifies them through his power and his authority. Through his power and his authority the disciples were able to do the mission (Chap 6:7,12,13).
We don’t have to be a qualified person to do God’s work, he will make us qualified to complete his work.

He could do no mighty works because of their unbelief- Our Lord can’t do mighty works if we have no faith. Faith is belief + trust. Faith is like ‘a door’. He knocks; if we open; he comes in. We need to satisfy this condition to receive God’s gift. Matthew 9:29 says- According to your faith let it be done to you. Our Lord can do mighty works on an believing soul.

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