Ruth 2

Ruth 1:9 …அப்பொழுது அவர்கள் சத்தமிட்டு அழுது,…both the Daughter-in-laws cried. It is a very rare scene in today’s world😀 v14 they lifted up their voices and wept again. It shows how affectionate Naomi was! a great example of a lovely mother-in-law!

நான் உம்மைப் பின்பற்றாமல் உம்மைவிட்டுத் திரும்பிப்போவதைக்குறித்து என்னோடே பேசவேண்டாம் நீர் போகும் இடத்திற்கு நானும் வருவேன் நீர் தங்கும் இடத்திலே நானும் தங்குவேன் உம்முடைய தேவன் என்னுடைய தேவன் [ரூத் 1 : 16]

Ruth 2: Speaking kind and comforting words to the strangers blesses them (v. 13). Boaz showed his love through his words. Boaz did not stop at that. He continued to show his love through his actions as well.

Ruth 2:12 Boaz affirms Ruth’s choice of coming to the land of Judah and encourages that God will reward her.

Ruth 2 The commitment of Ruth to stay alongside of Naomi brings unexpected favor from Boaz.

Ruth 2:3 … *தற்செயலாய்* அவளுக்கு நேரிட்ட அந்த வயல்நிலம்…போவாசுடையதாயிருந்தது. – I believe it was God’s plan to take her to Boaz.
– when something happens in our life, we don’t understand the reason. It takes time for us to realise, all happened as per His plan.

Ruth 2 -(v4) Boaz greeted his servants/harvesters “The LORD be with you!”, “The LORD bless you!”, they answered.
-Boaz was living godly life, He was blessed by God, and he was being blessing to many! If we are blessed by God, we should be a blessing to others.
-Boaz is son of Rahab (Matthew 1:5), she is a gentile too, who is mentioned in Joshua 2nd chapter!

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