Daniel 8

Daniel 8: Evil people may be successful, shall become great (in their own mind), cunning and cannot be destroyed by human power (vv. 24-25). Yet, they shall be broken (v. 25). As Daniel, let us mind our own business (v. 27).

17 அப்பொழுது அவன் நான் நின்ற இடத்துக்கு வந்தான். அவன் வருகையில் நான் திடுக்கிட்டு முகங்குப்புற விழுந்தேன். அவன் என்னை நோக்கி: மனுபுத்திரனே கவனி. இந்தத் தரிசனம் முடிவுகாலத்துக்கு அடுத்தது என்றான். தானியேல் 8 :17

Daniel 8400 years of silence!!!!
-God didn’t talk through any prophets for 400 years after Malachi in BC 430.
-During this time Daniel’s vision was fulfilled!
-(v20-22) The two-horned ram is Media and Persia. The shaggy goat is the king of Greece, Alexander the Great. The for horns represent four kingdom, 1) Cassander 2) Lysimachus 3) Ptolemy Soter 4) Seleucus Nicator.
-Seleucus Nicator and Chandragupta Maurya fought in 303 BC, but made peace. Chandragupta Maurya married Seleucus’ daughter and gave 500 war elephants to him!

-The historian Josephus had recorded this: When Alexander the Great was coming to conquer Jerusalem the high priests met him and showed him the vision that God gave to Daniel about Alexander the Great. So, he did not conquer Jerusalem!

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